WAIT! Before you vote! make Roe v. Wade and The ROE Act Election Issues

This is it. Roe v. Wade is at risk! Ask your candidates before you vote!

First, take action and let your Senator know you don’t approve of the Senate’s intentions to fill Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s seat with someone who has been outspoken against Roe v. Wade, see this post for details – especially if you are in a state that has GOP Senators, contact them and keep contacting them. If you don’t like what your Senators are saying and doing, use your vote. If they are up for re-election, vote blue, if they are not, remember when they are up for re-election, and let them know, now, that they won’t have your support.

Then, after Saturday’s vigils and marches held across the nation for Ruth Bader Ginsburg, take part in the days of action that follow.

And finally, make Roe v. Wade a local election issue! If your state is considering legislation to protect abortion-care rights, or if your state has been passing legislation designed to impede access to abortion-care, ask your state candidates what their positions are.

IN MASSACHUSETTS: The MA Legislature has extended its current session until December. The ROE Act (what it is and why we need it here) is still stuck in the judicial committee. It may be voted out of committee this session and your incumbent legislator will be asked to vote on it. If the ROE Act is not voted out of committee, whoever is elected to our legislature will be voting on it when it’s refiled.

ASK YOUR SENATE AND HOUSE, INCUMBENT AND CHALLENGER, IF THEY SUPPORT THE ROE ACT. Find your incumbent legislator here, and most candidates have websites and a social media presence where you can find contact information. Don’t assume a certain party affiliation determines support. And, watch for a common answer, a dodge, “I think the laws in MA are fine as they are.” That is NOT GOING TO WORK. Without the protection of Roe v. Wade, we will revert back to state laws that include things like a 24 hour waiting period – see a doctor, then come back 24 hours for the medication or procedure. For women like those of us living on the Cape, it means an hour+ drive each way, each visit…and that’s just one of the current state laws that Roe v. Wade protects us from in MA!

Use your voice and use your vote to protect women’s rights!

(If you see errors or omissions please contact CapeCodWomenforChange@gmail.com)

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