Thank You! Photos from events across the Cape. #STOPTHEBANS!








#STOPTHEBANS! Join the Nation-wide Protests to Stop the Abortion Bans and Support the ROE Act!

by Laurie V and Janet J

Tuesday, May 21 at 12 noon, grab your friends, neighbors and families ad join us! If you aren’t on Cape Cod – check here for an event near you.   (If there is no event near you consider organizing and registering one!)

Click the link to register for the event near you:

  • Orleans Rotary  Bring a sign an your voices. We will have extra signs if you don’t have one. Bring a friend!
  • Hyannis Airport Rotary  This protest is about signs and visibility. We need people. We need you and your friends.  Please park in the lot between Rt 28 and Rt 132 off Hinkley Rd, we will be standing in the grassy area, facing Rt 132, against the split rail fence. Bring a sign and your voices. Don’t have a sign? We have extras! We will also have materials to make signs.
  • Falmouth Peg Noonan Park  
  • Falmouth Public Library
  • Vineyard Haven 5 Corners

What is happening nationally attempts to deny women the basic right of bodily autonomy. Make no mistake about it, the anti-abortion crowd has been at this for decades and they now see a clear path forward to reversing the privacy protection of the Roe v. Wade ruling through the challenges that will result from the draconian new bills passed in AL, AK, GA, IA, KY, LA, MS, MO, ND, OH, KY, UT, and pending in other states.

We knew this was coming, and in MA and other states, legislators have been scrambling to put protections into place should SCOTUS reverse its ruling. Senator Lindsey Graham is already starting hearings for a nation-wide 20 week abortion ban.

Massachusetts legislators have introduced the Roe Act, a sweeping bill that would erase all obstacles for women seeking abortion, and protect the rights of women in MA. This bill is a trigger bill, a just-in-case bill that will continue the protections that Roe has provided, if the Supreme Court either chips away at or completely overturns Roe V Wade. And, the way things are going either or both WILL happen.

Unfortunately, Governor Baker opposes the MA Roe Act and MA Republicans have taken a page out of the president’s playbook and have begun linguistic warfare, dubbing it the infanticide bill.  Their rhetoric is filled with misinformation, inflammatory language designed to appeal to the emotions, and lacks logic and science-based facts.

The Roe Act is likely to come up for debate soon and we need women and men across the Cape to contact their State Reps and Senators to tell them we support the ROE Act. There’s no doubt that the anti-abortion fanatics are calling and we must do the same; the majority of Americans support a woman’s right to choose, and now we must fight for it!

We have been studying the rhetoric used by the opposition to the MA Roe Act and we will be sharing details, who to call, what to say and how to counter the GOP Anti-Choice narrative. Make no mistake, just as it is across the country, here in MA the GOP is one of the primary drivers of opposition to this bill. There rhetoric is misleading and often false. We must arm ourselves with the truth.

PLEASE RSVP to attend a protest on Tuesday at noon, share with your friends, we need a good showing. We will take photos and share them on social media along with others from across this country, we will show that from major cities to small villages and everywhere in between we are not going to sit by and let this GOP patriarchy send us back to the days where women were not permitted to make their own choices about their own bodies.

WOMEN will not be considered “hosts” who are forced to continue pregnancies regardless of our health and well-being.

Sign up for our emails (see link on the right), follow us on Facebook and Twitter and get ready to use your voices to fight back.

Join us Tuesday, SHARE THIS POST and stay tuned!






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