CALLS TO ACTION: What you can do NOW!

Even before the inauguration or the Women’s Marches in DC and all over the country, our voices were needed to speak up, and speak out, opposing numerous actions being taken by the new 115th Congress. This need will continue until 2018.

And now, as we move through the legislative process at the state level, our voices are needed to support and oppose state legislation. A phone call is the best way to make your voice heard at the state level. If you aren’t comfortable making a call, an email is second best. Social media and petitions don’t have as much impact as direct contact.

We must speak up and speak out NOW. We can’t wait.

How? What can you do?  We will continue to be needed to make calls, send emails, tweet and leave Facebook messages for Federal, State and Local Legislators.   Advice from many is to only contact your own representative.

This is different. What is happening in Washington and in Massachusetts right now, may also mean a call or message to committee members is necessary.  Committees can design bills or decide if bills move forward or are killed. When committee contact is important, we include that information in our Calls to Action.

Contacting your own legislators is important regardless of the progress of legislation. Your state or federal legislator can help advocate for or against a bill in a committee.

 This page is an aggregate of contact information for federal, state, and local legislators.

If you’ve never done this before or need a pep talk read this.

The following are some of the issues and actions to date there will be more, soon.


ACTIVE (and “still active”)


VOTED (both past and passed)