Barnstable Residents: Take action regarding housing-town council meeting tonight

From advocate Stefanie Coxe:

Barnstable Friends,

The Barnstable Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) proposal is at a critical stage. The Town Council will decide next Thursday whether or not to send it to the Planning Board for a public hearing and we need Barnstable residents to speak up in support of ADUs and the urgency of the housing crisis.

Where & When: Barnstable Town Council Meeting Public Comment 7pm on Thursday, May 6th. Link:

What: Speak up for housing for locals. Ask the Council to move forward with making it easier to build and rent accessory dwelling units (ADUs or in-law apartments) and ask them to oppose any efforts to slow down the creation of diverse housing in Barnstable at a time of housing crisis, including a proposed citizen zoning task force that would delay ADUs. 

How: Public comment is always at the top of the agenda and you have 3 minutes to speak. Be sure to give your name, village, and state you’re in favor of accessory dwelling units and opposed to anything that would slow down housing creation, including a zoning task force that duplicates the work of the Planning Board.

If you have any questions, want talking points or more info – feel free to call or text Stefanie Coxe at 508-360-9074 or email:

Thank you for supporting year-rounders!

Thanks to Meaghan Mort from our leadership team for keeping us up-to-date on this issue

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