Call to Action: Support Senate Democrats effort to filibuster Jeff Sessions’ confirmation!

We must support our Senate Democrats who are filibustering Sessions. Even if he is appointed, we must put GOP senators on notice!


Calls to Action – A Pep Talk!

“Don’t get distracted! It’s happening now! Use your voice! Use it now!” It works! Even before the inauguration and the Marches on Washington and around the country, your voice is needed. First, millions of us spoke up by contacting legislators in Washington, contacting the press and using social media to oppose the GOP’s first move:…

Community Forum: Threats to liberties, rights and our planet, post-election

Join us for a public forum:“Come Together, Act Together: Protecting Ourselves, Our Neighbors, Our Civil Liberties and Our Planet Post-Election,” Thursday, December 15, at 7 PM in the Hermann Foundation Meeting Room at Falmouth Public Library. This community conversation will address the immediate threats our community faces and what specific responses and actions community members…