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ACTION ALERT! Time for our FAIR SHARE – the VOTE IS Wednesday – Please take a minute to contact your legislators

This Wednesday, June 9, our state legislators are voting at a Constitutional Convention on an amendment that can bring $2 billion in revenue to public schools and transportation! Your lawmakers need to hear from you, now.

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ACTION ALERT: Equal Rights Amendment, is it still viable? What is happening? what can we do?

On May 5th, a case before the Massachusetts 1st Court of Appeals has the potential to continue or kill the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA), but is this the only decisive action on the amendment? But what does that mean? Why is it in court in MA? Is it still viable? Is it up to Congress? Is it up to the courts? Is it up to the President? What can we do?
CCWfC has joined a Coalition of grassroots women’s groups in MA that is evolving from an idea to group with purpose and intent. There is power in numbers and we can do so much when we are all working together.

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TELL YOUR LEGISLATOR TO OVERRIDE BAKER’S VETO ON THE ROE BILL! Before we thank our legislators and celebrate 2021, we must take one more action

This isn’t the ROE Act we started with January 2019, but it’s a start, and it will protect services if/when ROE is chipped away or overturned by the current SCOTUS. Please take this action first thing Monday morning! Grab a coffee and click to send or click to call!

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Take action! Tell your MoC to support the COVID relief we need

The Hero’s Act has since been sitting on Mitch McConnell’s desk, while he has the senate simply confirming federal judges and taking their vacations, ignoring the suffering of this country. People are dying in record numbers, a 9/11 every day! If we had the kind of relief the Hero’s act offered, we could “stay at home” long enough to get control of this virus.

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Charlie Baker is putting women’s reproductive rights in danger, please use your voice now!

Our governor is putting women’s rights at risk, despite the overwhelming support of our legislature and the will of the majority in Massachusetts. If you’ve been following the updates to our posts you know his actions have been swift, and clever. Our legislature MUST PASS ABORTION PROTECTIONS FOR WOMEN. We know that SCOTUS will either overturn Roe v. Wade, or at least chip away at it’s protections.

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Charlie Baker is gutting the Police Reform Act passed by the MA House and Senate – use your voice to insist on these reform measures!

UPDATE to police MA police reform legislation: Governor Baker is taking a red pen to the police reform legislation passed passed in both the House and Senate. If we don’t contact our legislators he may be successful at dismantling the protections and reform included in the legislation. We need your voices, NOW.

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MA Residents: How did your State Rep vote on the ROE Amendment?

For almost two years now, we have been supporting and asking you to help advocate for, the ROE Act. We joined a coalition of organizations state-wide and began supporting the act before it was official filed in January 2018. We all, you included, have been contacting committee leaders as it made its way through the legislative process, and our legislators when the time came.

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Every vote counted! Photos and news coverage of our local events the past week

Many of us were working on campaigns, online actions, phone calls to voters and post cards to voters for the past few months. Despite election exhaustion we didn’t stop on election day. This past week we were busy preparing for, promoting and taking part in a few local events. We celebrated victories – including the biggest prize – and we

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Join us Saturday Nov 7! Protect the Results Rally caravan -TRUMP is now taking it to SCOTUS

JOIN OUR CAR CARAVAN on SATURDAY NOVEMBER 7th and fight for democracy without leaving your vehicle. Secure flags and signs – eg. “Count every vote!”,” Protect the Results!” to your car and gather at 1pm at the Wixon School in South Dennis to join the parade! (We will also have signs, flags and more for you to use.)

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