GUNS: Action and Information

This page will be updated regularly – check back for resources and information about the current national, state and local discussion about guns and what you can do.  Beyond Marches and Boycotts listed below,  there is also legislation that will need your voice, and news about our state legislators supporting gun rights.

Photos of Marches for Our Lives


Boycott the NRA – who to contact, what to say and how.

This federal legislation that passed the House – that would allow people with conceal-carry permits to carry from state to state. This is abhorrent and dangerous in so many ways. You can take quick and easy action.  Use your voice, collectively our voices are loud and strong.


Do you know what grades your Cape Cod Legislators get from the NRA and the MA NRA affiliate?

Cape Cod’s State Senator and State Rep’s NRA and gun groups’ grades and endorsements

State legislation GUN legislation:

Maura Healey’s efforts to ban all copycat assault weapons in MA:


NRA and GOAL’s efforts:


Don’t let gun rights supporters tell you you don’t know what you are talking about when the subject is assault rifles: