TELL YOUR LEGISLATOR TO OVERRIDE BAKER’S VETO ON THE ROE BILL! Before we thank our legislators and celebrate 2021, we must take one more action

This isn’t the ROE Act we started with January 2019, but it’s a start, and it will protect services if/when ROE is chipped away or overturned by the current SCOTUS. Please take this action first thing Monday morning! Grab a coffee and click to send or click to call!

From the MA ROE Coalition:

Speaker DeLeo pledged that the house would vote to override the Governor’s veto, and we’re hearing an override vote is likely to be scheduled for Monday. 

This means we have just hours to ensure that supporters of the ROE Act know that this is our decisive and final opportunity to secure the votes we need to override the Governor’s Veto and ensure we enact meaningful reform this session to protect and expand access to abortion. We must ensure that each of the lawmakers who voted to reject the Governor’s anti-choice amendment also vote to override his veto. 

While we realize that many individuals on this list are unplugging and unwinding right now, if you have capacity to contact members, support grassroots action, and help amplify both, here’s what we are focused on: 

  • Continuing to drive “Tell your Lawmakers to Override the Veto” contact to lawmakers using this click to email template, and this click to call link – if you can send an email to members or supporters today or tomorrow, please do!
  • We are doing relational outreach to constituents in the districts linked here– all of these are State Representatives who have consistently voted for ROE Act provisions and against attempts to undermine them – many have been hearing from anti-abortion extremists at a fever pitch over the last few days. If you have relationships with any of these lawmakers and/or activists in any of these districts, please reach out and help ensure them that constituents will continue to have their backs after they vote to override Baker’s veto.

Please send that email or make a call Monday morning. This is so important.

(If you see errors or omissions please contact

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