Join us – free pass to watch documentary – then join women across MA via Zoom this summer

Join us for a Summer of Re-SISTERS! (updated)

Cape Cod Women for Change has joined the newly formed Indivisible Mass Coalition’s (IMC) Intersectional Women’s Rights Action Team of state-wide women’s advocacy organizations. We are beginning our efforts by launching our Summer of Re-SISTERS with a focus on Women and Labor. It all starts with a free pass to watch an important documentary about women and the labor movement. Then participate or watch discussion, one in July and one in August – learn about ways you can help advocate for women.

Here’s how to join us: 

First: Get your FREE PASS now, to watch the amazing documentary, “9 to 5, The Story of a Movement” between June 10-12.

Second: Join one – or ALL 3 – of our exciting panel discussions for more connection, understanding, and concrete tools for action right now:

Women are Workers – June 16th, 7pm  

Did you know that the 9 to 5 Movement fighting against sex discrimination in the workplace began right here in MA?  Come meet the women who were there, and find out what we need to be doing right now to protect women’s rights at work!

Caregivers are Workers – July 14th, 7pm

So much of the work women do is unpaid, underpaid, and essential.  We’ll hear about what’s happening at the local and national levels to change this, and how we can move things forward!

Workers Need Healthcare – August 11, 7pm

Huge disparities exist in healthcare access, and health outcomes between men and women, and it’s even worse for women of color. We’ll hear about what needs to happen to close these gaps, what’s being done now – and how we can take action today!

Join us! Watch the documentary anytime between June 10th and 12th then join or watch the discussion. Register here:


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CCWfC has joined a state-wide coalition of women’s advocacy groups. Join us as we launch our “Summer of ReSisters” beginning with a free pass to watch the documentary 9 to 5, The story of a movement:

Join us to learn about women and labor unions:

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