Photos of Jan 21 March on Washington DC, Boston and Cape Cod Events

See a full page of photos from various marches here.

LOCAL EVENTS for those not traveling to Boston or Washington D.C.:

General information:

Boston General information and media:

  • Boston Women’s March update! 1/19
  • Backpacks / Signage / Prohibited items:  You may bring signs, banners and other items of apparel that help you identify with your group of cause. Backpacks are permitted. Please be respectful and follow the example set by our mission statement. Please use common sense and understand that public safety officials always reserve the right to prohibit items they feel may impact public safety.



all buses are sold out EXCEPT – there is room on a bus from Provincetown to Washington DC:

Cape Cod to Boston buses are full – if you have lost contact with the people you booked with this is the information – but no more seats:

  •  Cape Cod to Boston Bus – March for America Boston-Saturday, January 21, 2107 –Reservation $30 pp -Return with payment to: Adventures with Karyn Wendell, P. O.
    Contact Karyn Wendell at (508) 420-5288 ~ for more information

Cape Cod to Washington DC BUSES ARE FULL this is just for contact info etc:

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