CALLS TO ACTION: Use your voice!

CALLS TO ACTION: What you can do NOW!

UPDATE 2018:  We’ve reached the end of the Massachusetts Legislative session. Bills have either been passed or sent to committee study to die. The budget as it will be for this fiscal year has been approved.

We need to turn our attention to the Mid-term Elections.

Once the election is over, we will begin to get notices about bills that will be filed in the next session, beginning in January 2019.  We will be calling on you to support legislation and help us encourage legislators to sign onto new legislation. Some of those bills will be new versions of bills that didn’t pass, others will be new bills that will address the issues we support or oppose.

Please take this time to get involved in your local elections!

See information about endorsements and voting records here.  Stay tuned for updates and information.





In 2017, even before the inauguration or the Women’s Marches in DC and all over the country, our voices were needed to speak up and speak out, opposing numerous actions being taken by the new 115th Congress. This need continues.

As we move through the legislative process at the state level, our voices are needed to support and oppose state legislation. A phone call is the best way to make your voice heard at the state level, but, if you aren’t comfortable making a call, an email is also a direct correspondence. Social media and petitions don’t have as much impact as direct contact when it comes to addressing specific legislation.

We must speak up and speak out NOW. We can’t wait.

How? What can you do? Contact your own legislator. If the issue is a local issue, contact your selectmen/women or councilor. If it’s a state issue, contact your state legislator.  If it’s a national (congressional) issue contact your congressman/woman and both senators representing your state.

 This page is an aggregate of contact information for federal, state, and local legislators.

If you are advocating for or against a piece of legislation, give them the name of the legislation and the numbers, if you have it.  We provide you with details in our posts. Remind them that they represent you and you are contacting them because the issue is important to you.

If you’ve never done this before or need a pep talk read this.

Explore this website; there are many resources here for you.

The following are some of the issues and actions to date there always be more, so check back here and on our home page, and signup to receive updates when new posts are added to this website by “following this website” using the link in the right column.


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