CCWfC statement regarding Nathan Nickerson III’s post shared on our Facebook page

Update, regarding harassment, at the bottom of this page.


On January 8 our page was busy with posts and discussions about the horrific terrorist attack at the US Capitol.

Several page followers messaged us and posted in comments sharing Nathan Nickerson III’s post – some were screen captures because he had locked his Facebook page. These were shared widely across many group and individual FB pages.

We shared that post on our Facebook page noting the name of the business he owns, a well-known place on Cape Cod. His post was his way of defending his actions – after he made his trip public. It is up to others to decide if that apology or defense is enough. We encouraged people to consider the statement and make their own decisions.

We also shared a separate link to his interview on the Howie Carr show.

Now Mr. Nickerson is unhappy that people know about his participation in the events of that day and are choosing to declare they will no longer spend money at his business.

Today, he did yet another radio interview about it and apparently made threats directed at our group.

If Mr. Nickerson did not want his trip to be public, perhaps he should have kept it to himself.

The terrorist attack at our Capitol was abhorrent. That sacred building was damaged in the rampage, a police officer was killed and others injured. Members of Congress’ lives were threatened and endangered. The work of our Government was interrupted. What a horrific day.

The groups who participated in this went too far. The FBI and state AG’s are looking for names and photos. Mr Nickerson is one of several who have already made that information public.

If people in our own communities participated, our followers want to know and will share with us, and we will share. People can choose to support this or not. If they are local business owners, locals can decide if they want to support those businesses.

The CCWFC mission is to support citizens who wish to lawfully advocate for issues of importance to us. When we travel to DC or Beacon Hill, we share all aspects because we are proud of what we do. Clearly, those who attended on January 6th and have shared about it on social media platforms, are proud of their participation.

Again, it’s up to each of us to decide how we feel about this, and how we will respond.

-Cape Cod Women for Change Leadership Committee.

This is the post he shared in a public forum then removed after getting push-back from his community:

Considering that most of the images of people attending the insurrection were NOT wearing masks, it would seem fair to make local residents aware of who attended, at the very least for our own COVID safety.

This photo was taken in one of the buses and posted on Twitter: has published story about Nickerson’s trip, his interview with Howie Carr, and his post.

The bus trip was organized by an anti-LGBTQ group and promoted by a local known GOP extremist:

From the article:

Nickerson said there was white, blue, and pink tear gas. “It looked kind of pretty actually,” he told Carr.

After sharing this information, shared with us by our followers – we encourage people to make their own decisions. We use our voices to advocate, and as we’ve said in the past, we can use our wallets too.

If you do the latter, let them know what you are doing and why.

What happened last Wednesday was horrific. It must never happen again.


Let’s be clear about HARASSMENT: Sharing a post created by and a radio interview done by individual is not harassment. Sending angry messages with no purpose except to harass is harassment.

We can now provide all kinds of examples if needed as we preserve messages and comments directed at us.

DIRECTLY sending messages to any individual or group in a manner that feels threatening, and under pseudonyms etc is harassment. It is safe to discuss the issues here, but we do not condone threatening an individual.

We encourage you, if you feel you want to boycott any business to let them know why, but we don’t recommend making an individual or group feel threatened.

Messages without any purpose except to convey hate, make the subject feel threatened, directly threaten or repeatedly send messages of insult is harassment. We do not condone harassment NOR WILL WE TOLERATE BEING HARASSED. We are preserving all of the messages we receive here and on our facebook page.

See MA Law:…/TitleI/Chapter265/section43A

Commenting here or on our Facebook page with rhetoric and language intended to insult or threaten is harassing. Creating multiple profiles to send the same messages is harassment. We report incidents of harassment here on this website platform.


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  • Thank you for such an impactful letter!

    Sent from my iPad Julia M Johnson


  • Of course, I will be boycotting Arnold’s even though I’ve spent hundreds of dollars there over the years. Violent actions have consequences. Nate Nickerson III is an unabashed, even gleeful racist and a boycott is a time-honored form of non-violent protest sanctioned by the Supreme Court. Thank you for taking a stand against him.

  • thank you for keeping public nathan nickerson’s actions . i am lifelong cape resident who now regrets all money spent at arnolds restaurant over the years. i will never support that business in any way. nathan nickerson’s actions and subsequent radio interview were and are terrible. please make note that he is also owner of N A Nickerson real estate. I phoned him at this business to tell him that i felt his interview and actions were reprehensible and i would never support his businesses. he responded that everyone sins except Jesus. he’s a stange delusional man.

  • Audrey J. Adamson

    I am a part time Brewster resident. And a part time Washington, DC resident for 35+ years. IIn all my years living here and working on Capitol Hill (including 9/11) I I have NEVER seen anything like what happened on Jan 6. Mr. Nickerson, this was not a first amendment protest nor was it “Kinda FUN”. This was a pre-planned sedition and an ARMED insurrection. And you, sir are just a culpable as those who breached the Capitol and injured or killed people and property. I have several close friends who are young MPDC Police Officers. They were beaten, cracked in the teeth, kicked in the head, punched in the face. All on the Capitol lawn while trying to hold the line. I have seen many, many protests over the years. The President rarely addresses the crowd prior to a march to the Capitol. There are notable exceptions–the yearly Anti-Abortion rally in mid January, the March for Women’s Lives (aka Pussy Hat March).These rallies are generally peacful–noisy & disruptive to those living in this city. We take these disruptions in stride, taking alternate communting routes, taking METRO, etc. This was not that, Mr. Nickerson. I have eaten at your restaurant for 40+ years, I have recommended it to others. The food has gone downhill for years so I stopped spending my $ because so many other clam shacks do it MUCH better. While they arent as “flashy” as your place, I patronize for the FOOD not for the POLITICS. There are many small business owners on the Cape –who share very different political views, than I do. However, I RESPECT their points of view. I DO patronize these businesses. You, sir have crossed the line. You planned to be in DC–for no other reason than to disrupt the Constitutional duty of the Congress. Its plain and simple. That is sedition. Mr. Nickerson, I suggest you READ your pocket US Constitution. Just know that the FBI, the MPDC, the DHS and all other federal law enforcement are slowly looking and finding and arresting those who were there. And not all arrests are people that breached the Capitol. I am sorry that this will damage your business because you have such loyal and hardworking staff. Mr. Nickerson you need to take a long hard look in the mirror and ask yourself– who am I? You have demonstrated that you, sir, are not an adherent of the U.S. Constituion.

  • I just hope Mr. Nickerson reads your comments (and all the others). We will certainly have to make his participation in this violent mob known to visitors to the Cape this summer. Maybe it’s time to start organizing weekend picket lines in front of Arnold’s — or stand-outs to express our opinions. And maybe it’s time for new ownership of Arnold’s.

  • Anne Christopulos

    While I can understand the anger directed at Mr. Nickerson, I am more disgusted with the dangerous comments of Cape & Islands District Attorney Michael O’Keefe in the Cape Cod Times. He is a member of our justice system and is perpetuating the Big Lie. Here is what he said to a reporter: O’Keefe said there was “significant voter fraud” in the election and that “courts are extremely reluctant to ever get involved in what they consider to be political disputes.” O’Keefe did not specifically place blame on Trump for Wednesday’s mob violence at the Capitol, but said everybody bears some responsibility. He blamed the media, the divisive political discourse in the country, and the protests this past summer by “the Left” that showed Wednesday’s mob that they could resort to rioting and looting when they don’t get their way.

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