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Time Sensitive Action Alert! MA residents, please support these bills to protect the rights of people of color

Cape Cod Women for Change has been asked by the MA ACLU to sign on as supporters of these two bills, and we need you to use your voices! Time is running out as the legislative session is winding down.

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Protesting racial injustice during a pandemic: Should I?

As protests across the country following the murder of George Floyd at the hands of police have increased in size and number, many of us are faced with the pull to protest despite the recommendations that we should stay at home. During this pandemic, the fear that underlying conditions, age, or contact with people in our lives with compromised immunity

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Anti-choice Movement Rhetoric, ‘infanticide’: The Latent Misogyny of Abortion Discourse

In order to effective advocate for women’s rights to access abortions and healthcare, we we have to understand the opposition.  Unfortunately, the local and national rhetoric has taken hold, even the media is using misleading terms. We will be talking a lot about this rhetoric. We want you to be equipped with the tools to respond to these arguments with

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