Calls to Action – A Pep Talk! (updated)

“Don’t get distracted! It’s happening now!
Use your voice! Use it NOW!”

Each one of us is the constituent of many different legislators, federal, state and local. Our voice important and our input should be valuable to everyone who represents us, regardless of party. If you think your legislator will support a bill that you want passed and you don’t need to speak up – you’d be surprised to learn that they WANT to hear from us, they can use our voices to support their votes. If your state or local legislator is loyal to his or her party and considers your interests too liberal, or worse, that he or she doesn’t represent YOU because you differ, that is even more reason to speak up.

Read this and then check out our Calls to Action.

As legislation at the state level moves from committee to vote, we will post calls to action, often that need a quick and easy and immediate email, or make a quick call.

Cape Cod Women for Change is a group that believes women should speak up. If you read our calls to to action and contact your legislator, we would love to know if you get a response.  Each call to action tells you who to contact, how, and gives you ideas about what to say.

Each time a legislator hears from a constituent, it matters. We need you to help with these calls to action. If your legislator doesn’t support the legislation you believe is important, support their opponent in the next election.

Sharing feedback from your legislators with us helps us understand where our legislators are on important issues.

And, it works!

If you participated in a Women’s March or a Rally for or against issues, whether in Washington or locally, you most likely used your voice to chant or call for action while marching and holding signs.

Whether or not you’ve marched, your voice remains important. We need you to use your voice to speak up and speak out about the issues that are important

To protect our rights and the programs we rely on, we must be VIGILANT, stand together in SOLIDARITY, take action to ADVOCATE and work to RESIST. Please take part. Speak  up and speak out.

It’s hard to keep up. So much is happening. The flurry of activity,  bills, hearings, Russia, guns, women’s rights, healthcare, DACA, immigration, tax breaks for the rich – national, state, or local …  it is all coming at us in a way that makes it difficult to follow. Our attention is easily diverted to easier targets. When ethics rules are being violated, services are being cut in confusing ways we easily shift our focus to something less complicated, like Trump’s tweets, his business overlaps, his affairs … the drama of an incompetent in our White House.

Well, after you express and share anger about the absolutely unbelievable and often frightening things he says in tweets and Trump’s executive orders, please scan our website for ways you can take action! Make one call or ten, send one email or email everyone.

Never done it? The first time is the hardest. Then you realize the people who are receiving these messages expect them; it’s easier than you think. It is important, though, because when legislators at any level of government get a lot of feedback about issues, they notice. And we have heard and read that Republicans, groups like NRA, and others make calls regularly and make up more of the overall calls than those who oppose these actions. They are good at it.

Choose one issue or help with each one. Contact legislators more than once, once for one issue, the next time for the next issue. It’s easy. Your legislators work for you. There is a new attitude now,  legislators who don’t share your beliefs and positions act as if they don’t represent you. They do. We must remind them of that and TELL THEM what our positions are. Don’t ever let a legislator tell you you don’t understand an issue, or scare you off. This is rare – but if it happens report it to us.  We need to know what they are up to and how they are responding to you.

Be sure to share these posts and calls with friends, family and networks. Help us get the word out.  After you call or email a legislator – then use social media to contact him/her publicly to thank them for support, publicly ask them for support, or share if they’ve told you they won’t support something.

Sign up using the link on the right of this page to receive emails when new articles and Calls to Action are posted.

Do it. Call. Email. Tweet. Contact the representatives listed.

If we are going to win, we must add our voices and help legislators at all levels get a sense of what the people outside the bubble are thinking.

For some legislators it’s about doing the right thing, for others it’s more about worrying about the next election. Regardless. YOUR VOICE MATTERS. Use it. You CAN do this!


This is an updated version of a post we did before the women’s marches last year. Please use your voice to speak up and speak out!

Once you do it, you can help others use their voice. You are all leaders, some of you just don’t know it yet.

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