ACTION ALERT: Equal Rights Amendment, is it still viable? What is happening? what can we do?

On May 5th, a case before the Massachusetts 1st Court of Appeals has the potential to continue or kill the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA), but is this truly the only decisive action on the amendment? Why is it in court in MA? Is it still viable? Is it up to Congress? Is it up to the courts? Is it up to the President? What can we do?

CCWfC has joined a Coalition of grassroots women’s groups in MA that is evolving from an idea to group with purpose and intent. There is power in numbers and we can do so much when we are all working together.

One of the first issues we will tackle is the Equal Rights Amendment, but with so much information out there, it is confusing. Is it still viable? Who should be doing what? Who do we advocate to and what should we say?

Monday, April 19th, at 7pm, Indivisible Northampton – another group in our new coalition – is hosting a discussion with Carry Baker, an author and scholar who will help find answers to these questions. As we’ve become accustomed to using Zoom, we now understand it is a way to participate with groups who would otherwise be separated by long rides in cars.

Following this meeting we will begin to encourage you to use your voice to move the ERA forward. We want to educate you, so you can educate the people in your networks. It’s time to use our voices for Constitutional Equality.

Please join us via Zoom for the Indivisible Northampton meeting. Details:

Did you know that the ERA (Equal Rights Amendment) is not in the U.S. Constitution? Did you know that the required 38 states have, as of 2020, now ratified it? So why is it still NOT in our Constitution? And what does an upcoming (May 5th) court case in our own state of MA, have to do with getting the ERA passed – or not??

Join Indivisible Northampton as we host renowned scholar, author and activist Carrie N Baker to discuss the current legal status of the ERA, whether it’s still needed, and what we can do to help make full equality across genders a reality in the U.S.!

Carrie Baker, JD, PhD, is a Professor in the Program for the Study of Women and Gender at Smith College. She is an expert on women’s rights law and policy, specializing in sexual harassment, sex trafficking, and reproductive rights and justice. Links to recent articles she’s written for MS Magazine about the ERA, below.

Carrie Baker on the Fight for Gender Equality Monday, April 19th, 7 – 8pm

Register in advance for this meeting here: Register for Zoom Meeting with Carrie Baker.

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

We’ll also hear about how to get involved in IN’s current campaigns to Fight Disinformation, and to Pass S1, the For the People Act (VOTING RIGHTS)

Please join us Monday night! And from there we will begin to discuss action steps.


A few of Carrie Baker’s recent articles about the ERA:



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