This bill to remove archaic laws passed! YOUR VOICES WERE HEARD AND MADE A DIFFERENCE! Did you know laws still on the books in MA make abortion illegal? Threats to Roe v. Wade are threats to women’s rights in MA!

We thank each of you who made a call! This was a bit of a struggle with the numbers of pro-life legislators in MA, but it passed! We know of at least one local legislator who had told us he did NOT support this because he is pro-life, but after hearing from constituents and with…

Men who ‘get it’ give renewed hope for the future

.. a guy who volunteers as an escort at an abortion clinic to protect women as they walk past protesters who can be pretty awful as you know, posted this today about an experience he had. He’s given permission to share it. It brought tears to my eyes and i hope you will read it and share it. We are blessed to have male feminist who support us, and who ‘get’ it this way.