CORONAVIRUS: There are actions you can take for workers, families, elections, voting rights and more!

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The following is from the National Indivisible Group and includes 5 actions you can take now, without leaving your home:

January 9
January 14
January 18
January 19
January 28
January 30
February 1
February 10
February 15
February 19
February 20
February 21
February 28
March 7
March 8

Those are all the days that Donald Trump either held a political rally or went golfing instead of preparing for the COVID-19 crisis (h/t Andrew). For months, he downplayed the severity of the coronavirus crisis and failed to take decisive action to prepare our nation, including not securing enough tests, personal protective equipment, and ventilators early on to stop the spread of the outbreak.

The results have been devastating:

  • More than 3,000 Americans have died, and Trump admits 200,000 Americans will die in the best-case scenario.
  • Hospitals across the country are overwhelmed as they face shortages of basic medical equipment.
  • Millions have lost their jobs or have their hours cut as we head into a recession.

Unfortunately, Donald Trump still hasn’t learned from his mistakes. He continues putting out false, misleading information and is still moving too slowly to help overloaded hospitals.

This reality is why it’s critical for our elected leaders in the House and Senate to continue responding to the crisis. 

Last week, Congress passed a third coronavirus response package. Thanks to Senate Democrats, it included some critical things that we need right now, like expanded unemployment insurance. But let’s be clear: this bill had major gaps. No expansion to paid sick leave, not enough support for front line workers, and no moratorium on foreclosures or evictions. It didn’t include nearly enough to protect our elections, and it grossly leaves millions of immigrants and their families out of the most important pieces of the bill, including unemployment insurance, rebate checks, and access to health care.

As Congress already starts talking about a fourth package, it’s critical that House Democrats fight to ensure that the needs of all communities are met. Congress must work immediately to fill the gaps from the previous three packages and go further to reduce the inequality that puts so many families at risk in the first place.

That’s why we’re joining with partners like Sunrise Movement, Working Families Party, MoveOn, and more to demand a People’s Bailout. Specifically, we’re asking Congress to prioritize five principles:

✅ Protect our democratic processes while protecting each other.

✅ Make health the top priority, for all people, with no exceptions.

✅ Provide economic relief directly to the people.

✅ Rescue workers and communities, not corporate executives.

✅ Make a down payment on a regenerative economy, while preventing future crises.


    1. Call your senator and tell them to prioritize a Coronavirus People’s Bailout. We need a package that prioritizes protecting our democratic systems, providing accessible health care for all, and direct economic support to everyone. Call your senators now to demand they support the People’s Bailout.
    2. Call your representative and tell them the same. Millions of people could be left behind while corporations rake in trillions of tax-payer dollars. The House needs to make this right. Call your representatives now and demand that they support the above provisions be included in the next coronavirus package.
    3. Email your representative and two senators and demand they prioritize a People’s Bailout. Use our tool to send a letter to your three members of Congress, which outlines what a People’s Bailout would include.
    4. Record a video demanding your members of Congress prioritize a People’s Bailout and tell us how the COVID-19 crisis has impacted your life. We’ll uplift you and show reporters and members of Congress that even though we’re not rallying in the streets, Indivisibles are still working hard to hold their members of Congress accountable and build a sense of shared community. Use this opportunity to use your voice to control the narrative.

 2020 Update

With the risk of coronavirus looming overhead, many states are scrambling to establish contingency plans to protect voters and poll workers while also ensuring that the democratic process continues. So far 14 states have postponed their primaries. Read on to learn more:



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