Call to Action Quick and Easy! Please help domestic violence victims, ask your state rep to help insure Housing Court expansion is fully funded – for Cape Cod

Please share this.  It’s an important issue that isn’t getting a lot of attention.  We need a housing court on Cape Cod!  (You can send emails or make calls, or BOTH. )

Background (one of the the original posts about this issue): Call to Action! Ask your state legislators to support bill creating a Housing Court on Cape Cod

Here’s what you can do, quick and simple, send an email or make a call or both!

From Annette Duke, Housing Attorney, Massachusetts Law Reform Institute:

 Very Close
We are very close to achieving full funding for the Tenancy Preservation Program (TPP) and Housing Court expansion. One more big push is needed.

This past Monday, the House and Senate appointed members of the FY19 budget Conference Committee. They will soon begin formal negotiations to reconcile the differences between the House and Senate proposed budgets. The Conference Committee members are:

Senators Spilka, Lovely, and deMacedo
Representatives Sanchez, Kulik, and Smola

What’s the Difference
Senate budget proposed full funding for both Housing Court Expansion and TPP. The House did not propose full funding for either Housing Court Expansion or TPP. Here is a chart showing the differences.

Senate FY19 Budget – full funding
Tenancy Preservation Program – $1,300,000
Housing Court Expansion – $2.6 million

House FY19 Budget
Tenancy Preservation Program – $750,000
Housing Court Expansion – $1.5 million

Next Step
We need to focus on the House.

Contact your Representative and ask them to urge the Conference Committee to support the Senate’s budget request. Cape and Islands State Representative info, all others click here to Find Your State Rep.

Use the sample letter/script below to email or call your Rep’s staff.

Many Reps supported full funding for TPP and Housing Court when budget amendments were filed. Click to see whether your Rep supported full funding and remind them if they did.

Your work on this is what is making this happen.  If I can provide you with more information please let me know. Thank you.


Annette R. Duke, Housing Attorney
Massachusetts Law Reform Institute
40 Court, Suite 800, Boston, MA 02108
617-357-0700, ext 334


Dear Representative ________:

We hope that you will join us and urge the FY19 Budget Committee to support the Senate’s budget request for full funding of the Tenancy Preservation Program and full funding for Housing Court expansion.

The Senate’s budget requests full funding in the amount of $1.3 million for the Tenancy Preservation Program (Line Item 7004-3045) and full funding in the amount of $2.6 million for Housing Court expansion (Line Item 0336-0003).

TPP is a successful program based only in Housing Court and works with landlords and tenants to preserve the tenancies of very vulnerable families with special needs. It prevents people facing eviction from the trauma of homelessness. It saves the state millions of dollars every year by preventing homelessness. For TPP facts.

Housing Court expansion is happening. Cases are being filed and transferred into new sittings. The Governor has nominated 5 new Housing Court judges – as the new law requires. Your support is needed to fully fund and complete the expansion.

Thank you for your support.



(If you see errors or omissions please contact

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