Call to Action: Send Trump a postcard or letter, have some fun!

Someone sent us this article from Common Dreams. It seems a group has decided we should flood the White House mail room. What a great idea!

Let’s send Donald Trump some mail!

If you send a piece of mail or two or three …. share your pictures with us, here in comments (you need to give your name and email and we have to approve them- troll-protection)  or share them on our Facebook page or send them via email: and we will post them here.

We’ve included a few from our Facebook post on Wednesday and will add more as they come in.

The goal was to mail out postcards (letters, cards etc) yesterday, to the White House. Well we just found out, and like others we’ve heard about, we are extending this due to “inclement weather.”

According to the group, The Ides of March, as the article explains the instruction are thus. LETS DO THIS! Some are sending pink slips  “you’re fired” others are sending quotes, and others are writing about healthcare, DAPL, immigration etc… whatever issue is important to you.

  1. Write one postcard. Write a dozen! Create your own cards, buy them, share them, it doesn’t matter as long as you write #TheIdes or #TheIdesOfTrump on them somewhere.

  2.  Take a picture of your cards and post them on social media (tagged with #TheIdesOfTrump or #TheIdes, please). This will help us verify our numbers.

  3. Spread the word! Everyone on Earth can let Washington know their opinion of the President. They can’t build a wall high enough to stop the mail.

  4. Then, on March 15th, mail your cards to:The President (for now)  The White House 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW Washington, DC 20500

  5. Get ready for the NEXT postcard campaign, and the next, and the next—because we’re not going away. We will make ourselves heard by joining together. And together, we will wield the kind of political clout that can’t be ignored.



One comment

  • Please add #TheIdesofTrump on each card. Keep your card to 1 issue per card.

    You can make post card but they’re only .38 at the post office. I sent picture post cards from the JFK Museum, Smithsonian Museum of African American History and Culture. I made some with images of diverse people, Planned Parenthood and Education. Messages: 1. My body, My choice. 2. Great public dedication for all students. No charters, no vouchers, dump DeVos 3. This is what America looks like 4. I’m not a reporter. I want you to release your tax returns 5. You’re fired (with reasons why) 6. Stop telling lies about healthcare.

    Julia Monteiro Johnson, M.L.S., M.S. PO Box 574 South Dennis, MA 02660 Cell: 774-212-3100 Fax: 508-398-3481

    “Being Black doesn’t define me; but it’s a monumental part of who I am.”

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