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The time has come for women on Cape Cod to take the reins and responsibility for change. It is 2016 and our Commonwealth has yet to pass Equal Pay legislation. Why? Well, there are few groups organized who are working on this important policy. There is a Mass Equal Pay Coalition, but while the bill languishes in the Massachusetts House and Senate Workforce Development Committees, very little updates are given on the coalition’s website’s first page. The most recent reported story is dated July 2015.

It’s time for regional groups to become active in this issue as well as other issues that have been ignored by a state that is known to be “blue” but often seems behind the times when it comes to equal rights for women and for addressing issues like women’s reproductive health, economic security, representation and so on.

Time for Cape-Codders to jump in and show support for fairness.

Let’s start with Equal Pay. And let’s start with how we can each do something to get this bill passed.

Stay tuned.