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Call to Action: Send letters of support for Paid Family and Medical Leave!

For too many women, a family member’s medical crisis means choosing between a paycheck or being a caregiver.  Sometimes there are no options, no other caregivers are available and the choice is made for them.  And, when a woman gives birth or experiences a medical crisis of her own, the risk of losing a job increases. Cape Cod Women for

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*UPDATE 3/21* CALL TO ACTION: Save healthcare or yes, people will die, unnecessarily

Please make your calls today.  We must tell our congressmen/women to vote against this legislation!  Democrat or Republican, as shared here, Democrats report they aren’t hearing from us; they ALL need to hear from us! 3/21 – House Republicans who are faltering in support of this bill met with Trump today when he visited Capital Hill to twist arms. Some

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Helpful resources and background on the GOP’s efforts to ‘Repeal and Replace’ the ACA (Obamacare)

Be sure to visit our: CALL TO ACTION: Save healthcare or yes, people will die, unnecessarily So far, different aspects of this bill have passed through two committees in the house, with little fanfare and without the numbers that revealed the true costs that were released by the GOP-lead Congressional Budget Office.  If there is more information we will create

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