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Shutdown Day of Action, simple actions YOU can take (updated)

(Updated with detailed scripts and contact info.) Today is a National Call-in Day of Action per Indivisible. You can also take part in a standout-protest against the #TrumpShutdown organized by our sisters and brothers at Lower Cape Indivisible (LCI) today and/or Saturday.

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ELECTION. All politics is local, why we must vote BLUE up and down the ballot.

This is our closing argument for the 2018 midterms.  Our inboxes are full right now with closing arguments from all of the campaigns we’ve made contact with during this election season; this is our last minute effort to talk about why this election is so important at the local level. Women’s rights are at risk. The appointment of Kavanaugh to

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CONGRATULATIONS! Why Ron Bergstrom is a better choice for Barnstable County Commissioner

UPDATE:  Ron Bergstrom WON – the seat was flipped! Congratulation Ron and thank you to everyone who supported him and who voted for him. What is a Barnstable County Commissioner? The Barnstable County Commission is a unique, and often overlooked, government structure intended to serve the needs of residents of all fifteen towns of Cape Cod. The Commissioners act as

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Help Campaign for Maura Healey and Elizabeth Warren this Saturday 6/16

Would you like to help both the Maura Healey and Elizabeth Warren campaigns at one time? Join a group of campaign canvassers in Yarmouth this Saturday, June 16. Meet at 10am at the Stop and Shop parking lot on Station ave off of exit 8. If you are interested or want more information contact Sandy Milano: Sandramilano2003@yahoo.com Both women are

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CALL TO ACTION! SAVE healthcare, STOP Trumpcare, what YOU can do NOW

What is going on in our government right now is atrocious. Thirteen white, male, U.S. senators are crafting legislation that will impact all of us, and will effect 1/6 of the US economy in secret, behind closed doors. Mitch McConnell is going to allow this bill to go to a vote NEXT WEEK without ANY public hearings, and will manipulate rules to prevent any amendments. We must speak up and speak out NOW!! Here’s what you can do.

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