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PROTECT SCOTUS! Take these actions, now.

We must do anything and everything possible to stop the senate from putting Trump’s nominee on SCOTUS, the hypocrisy is one thing, but we are now looking at threats to our rights. Threats to ROE v Wade, voting, union organizing, LGBTQ, equal pay, the separation of church and state, corporations buying elections and threats to the ACA – all just a sample of what we have to lose. Here are some actions you can take in honor of RGB – don’t just do these once, do them daily!

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Attend a Local Stop Kavanaugh Rally this Sunday!

(See a collection of articles that describe what is at risk with this SCOTUS nominee below this invitation) Join us for Lower Cape Indivisible’s #StopKavanaugh Rally! On August 26, all across the country, Americans will stand united in commitment to our freedom and our future to demand that the U.S. Senate stop Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination for a lifelong appointment

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