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Helpful resources and background on the GOP’s efforts to ‘Repeal and Replace’ the ACA (Obamacare)

Be sure to visit our: CALL TO ACTION: Save healthcare or yes, people will die, unnecessarily So far, different aspects of this bill have passed through two committees in the house, with little fanfare and without the numbers that revealed the true costs that were released by the GOP-lead Congressional Budget Office.  If there is more information we will create

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Calls to Action – A Pep Talk!

“Don’t get distracted! It’s happening now! Use your voice! Use it now!” It works! Even before the inauguration and the Marches on Washington and around the country, your voice is needed. First, millions of us spoke up by contacting legislators in Washington, contacting the press and using social media to oppose the GOP’s first move: to eliminate the Office of

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CALL TO ACTION: Speaker Ryan declares plans to defund Planned Parenthood as well as repeal the ACA. What YOU can do.

We must speak up and speak out. The coming weeks and months your voice will be needed. Voters voices were loud and clear, flooding legislative offices, as the new GOP congress tried to eliminate the Independent Ethics Office.The withdrew their proposal. Now our voices are needed to protect women’s access to healthcare.

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