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AFTER THE VIGILS, Take Action in Honor of Ruth Bader Ginsburg

TAKE ACTION TO PROTECT WOMEN’S RIGHTS The crowds have taken to the streets, the vigils are done, NOW, it’s time to take ACTION and use your voice! Contact your U.S. Senator and tell your friends and family in every state to do the same, details are here: PROTECT SCOTUS! Take these actions, now. MAKE ROE V. WADE AN ELECTION ISSUE! This

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Share your New Year’s message with Women’s March organizers!

If you have time at the last minute and can take on a creative project due tomorrow (I learned about this, this morning…) Greetings from the Women’s March on Washington social media team! Next Sunday, January 1st, we would like to kick off the new year by showing the world that the Women’s March is truly a worldwide movement. We’ll

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