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These are the MA legislators who signed a letter opposing AGs decision to enforce laws banning assault weapons

IS YOUR STATE REP OR SENATOR ON THIS LIST? The list is at the bottom of this page.  This post explains the letter.  This is the second in a series of posts about our Attorney General’s efforts to enforce Massachusetts’s assault weapons ban and clamp down on the sale of copycat weapons cable of the same type of shootings that

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Know before you vote, how does your State Rep and State Senator rate on guns?

This post is a copy of our page: Cape Cod’s State Senator and State Rep’s NRA and gun groups grades and endorsements 2018: At this point none of our State Reps and Senators have applied for endorsement with the MA affiliate of the NRA, GOAL. Perhaps as the local and national conversation has turned towards more sensible gun control. But,

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Update IT PASSED!!!! CALL TO ACTION: Help pass the Red Flag bill that will protect us from guns in the wrong hands!

(more calls to action that need your support here: CALLS TO ACTION: What you can do NOW!) UPDATE: The House of Represenatives passed this bill, now it’s up to the senate! Please send a message or call your State Senator, contact info below. UPDATE: The Massachusetts Police Chief Association has ENDORSED THIS BILL! But that does NOT MEAN YOUR STATE

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The NRA filed a lawsuit against Maura Healey and the MA assault weapon ban; the judge found in favor of US

This is the third in series of articles about our assault weapons ban here in MA, challenges by the NRA and support for those challenges by legislators, several representing Cape Cod.  More pieces coming over the next couple of weeks, including legislation supported by NRA lobbying. In July, 2016, Attorney General Maura Healey issued a directive to gun-dealers and manufacturers

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Did you attend a ‘March for Our Lives’ event? Share your experience with us. And, what’s next?

Did you attend a #MarchforOurLives event? We invite you to share your experiences and feedback in comments here, by messenger on our Facebook page, or email and we will share them here on our website. Photo Albums (will be updated if new photos are shared): Hyannis     —   Falmouth —  Photos from around the country/world     SO, NOW THAT YOU’VE

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Quick and Easy Action! GUNS: A bill allowing abusers to carry concealed state to state and a bill to fix NICS

attribution: aliengear

CCWFC thanks the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence for providing this information. This post is regarding two bills one dangerous, one that is a first step to help protect us all, especially victims of domestic violence. They both passed the House, and now will be voted on in the senate.

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