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Call to Action: Contact your MoC – support the Violence Against Women Act!

Please contact your MoC and ask them to support H.R. 1585, the Violence Against Women Act.

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UPDATE: Call to Action- Please contact your MA State Senator – help 8700 needy children!

UPDATE: The senate passed this bill and it was headed for engrossment then off to the Governor’s desk. The roll call for the vote is here. Vinnie DeMacedo supported an amendment that would have watered this bill down, but that amendment failed – this is the roll call for the amendment, he also offered his own amendment that would also

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UPDATE: How did your senator vote? Senate to vote on a bill to make ‘conversion therapy’ illegal THURSDAY – quick action needed!

The bill, H140: An Act relative to abusive practices to change sexual orientation and gender identity in minors, would make harmful “conversion therapy” for minors, illegal. Please contact your State Senator! Details and contact info here.

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‘Be the Dragon!’ Thoughts on our righteous anger

BE THE DRAGON! By Laurie Veninger Recently, I have been reading Rebecca Traister’s Good and Mad, about the amazing history of the women’s movement and the often unspoken anger that propels it. It is not new to me that women are viewed and judged differently to men; that a woman speaking passionately is often deemed hysterical; that a wronged woman

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Why the issue of vaccinations hits us close to home – his name is Ollie

We’ve shared some news stories about the impact of not vaccinating children on our Facebook page and have been surprised at the numbers of people who not only want to defend their decisions to not vaccinate and insist it’s their “right,” but share information suggesting that vaccinating is more dangerous than not vaccinating. There are six of us who work

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Why We Will Win.

There is only one thing I can thank Donald Trump for. Without him, I would not have met hundreds of amazing people from across Cape Cod, from across MA, and indeed, from all across the country. All of them with a single-minded, laser focus on one thing: stopping this nightmare. The nightmare didn’t begin in 2016 and it will not end in 2018 or 2020. We aren’t naïve; we know this.

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