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One way to learn more: Videos about the efforts to Repeal and Replace the ACA

Be sure to visit our: CALL TO ACTION: Save healthcare or yes, people will die, unnecessarily This is an excellent summary of what is actually being proposed and what it would mean/do. Ezra Klein. Best line, “The more health you would need, the less you would get.” A new Kennedy carries on the fight and speaks out against the GOP

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UPDATED: March 2017 Important Local Events and Opportunities to Learn and Lead

updated 3/14/2017 If you care about our water – please read and attend: The Barnstable County Commissioners are trying to desolve our county-wide water protection collaborative: Cape Cod Water Protection Collaborative ** Timely** The Barnstable Assembly of Delegates, the legislative wing of county government, will take up the fate of the Cape Cod Water Protection Collaborative budget at a hearing

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Men who ‘get it’ give renewed hope for the future

.. a guy who volunteers as an escort at an abortion clinic to protect women as they walk past protesters who can be pretty awful as you know, posted this today about an experience he had. He’s given permission to share it. It brought tears to my eyes and i hope you will read it and share it. We are blessed to have male feminist who support us, and who ‘get’ it this way.

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Share your New Year’s message with Women’s March organizers!

If you have time at the last minute and can take on a creative project due tomorrow (I learned about this, this morning…) Greetings from the Women’s March on Washington social media team! Next Sunday, January 1st, we would like to kick off the new year by showing the world that the Women’s March is truly a worldwide movement. We’ll

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Knit, crochet or sew a cap for women marching in Jan. 21 march in DC

(Thanks to Naomi Keeling of Falmouth for bringing this to our attention!) Help support women marching in Washington D.C. on January 21 by knitting, crocheting or sewing a cap and sending a message! The Pussyhat Project includes a downloadable pdf with a pattern: The Women’s March on Washington D.C. is happening January 21, 2017! The Pussyhat Project launched Thanksgiving weekend! As

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Senate to vote this Saturday – need your help! PAID FAMILY and MEDICAL LEAVE

Please note: this was 2016 – The senate passed the bill, the house never voted. It died there. Don’t let that happen during this session! SEE INFORMATION ABOUT THE BILL FILED THIS LEGISLATION From Raise Up MA (PFML is supported by the Massachusetts Commission on the Status of Women) : Breaking news! The Senate will be voting on Paid Family and

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