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Why the issue of vaccinations hits us close to home – his name is Ollie

This story was originally posted March 4, 2019, but because this subject keeps coming up, we are reposting it.  We want friends and followers to understand WHY we do not allow anti-vax comments on our Facebook page or here on our website. We believe in medical science. We’ve shared some news stories about the impact of not vaccinating children on

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Housing, healthcare, reproductive rights, abuse: A local woman shares her story of resilience

Consider this Cape Cod woman’s story of resilience and ask yourself if we are doing enough. On Being Resilient. by Meaghan Mort My story of resilience begins when I was in middle school if I recall correctly (this was some time ago), when a neighbor sexually assaulted me. He asked me to “come here” because he “needed to show me

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