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Read it the ‘quick’ way, or read the full historic report: THE TRUMP-UKRAINE IMPEACHMENT INQUIRY REPORT

Tuesday night, December 3, Rachel Maddow gave us a lesson on how to read this report if you don’t have time to read the full report. Use Maddow’s Cliff notes version to see the important issues used to build a case for impeaching Donald J. Trump. Below is a website version of her suggestion, taken from the online copy of

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Update, hearing CANCELLED! Urgent Call to Action: House Oversight Committee must make hearings about links to Russia PUBLIC and Nunes must go

MISSION ACCOMPLISHED – sort of.  It worked … AGAIN. for whatever reason they give, anyone who tried to call knows phones were jammed. Now the hearing scheduled for Tuesday has been CANCELLED. Reuters broke the news Monday: http://www.reuters.com/…/us-usa-trump-russia-hearing-idUSKB… The following Call to Action has been posted on social media – please read, make as many calls as you can. For

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