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Join us! Celebrate the Women’s March with short film and postcard party

Join us Saturday, January 20 at the Falmouth Public Library, at 2pm
There will be a screening of the Women’s March film, followed by action. We will fill out postcards to send to our legislators and the judiciary committee for the *Act to End Child Marriage in Massachusetts.

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Cape Cod Women’s March and Women’s March Film Screening/Postcard Party and more!

Cape and Islands Women’s March on the Village Green at 11am. Gather on the Village Green for speakers then a march down to Sea Street. Join us Saturday, January 20 at the Falmouth Public Library, at 2pm for the Women’s March Film and then writing postcards to our legislators and the judiciary committee for the Act to End Child Marriage in Massachusetts!

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Resistance may be good for you! The Balancing Act: Women’s March and a little advice from the experts

Taking Care while you Take Action Reflect and Resist About half-way through a recent conference call with one of the national organizations working on resistance, a guest speaker was introduced, he invited all 40 thousand + people to practice breathing exercises. “Who has time for this!?” I thought to myself. But his voice was soothing and I began doing the

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If you can’t get to the Marches – particpate virtually or live stream

If you know of a live-stream of either march please share. VIRTUAL MARCH ON WASHINGONTON FOR PEOPLE WITH DISABILITIES: Activism isn’t always accessible — and the Women’s March on Washington is no exception. For people who might not have the physical ability or stamina to join Saturday’s massive public protest, disability activists created the Disability March — an online movement

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Boston Women’s March update!

Message from Mass Women’s Political Caucus Education Fund Friday evening: Hello Marchers!! With warmer weather coming our way and record-setting attendance of over 90,000 registered Marchers (!), we are excited for tomorrow’s historic Boston Women’s March for America. We have some important updates for you. 1. Our program and full list of speakers is now on the website!  We have

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Would you like to carry her flag to the DC or Boston March?

Marianne Sweeney  wants someone to carry her flag in one of the two marches being attended by Cape Codders this Saturday. She used this flag to protest what she and other residents claimed in this Dec 2015 article, were poor conditions and abusive behavior by management in an Orleans housing. The photo of her wrapped in a flag and protesting

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Share your New Year’s message with Women’s March organizers!

If you have time at the last minute and can take on a creative project due tomorrow (I learned about this, this morning…) Greetings from the Women’s March on Washington social media team! Next Sunday, January 1st, we would like to kick off the new year by showing the world that the Women’s March is truly a worldwide movement. We’ll

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