Update contact your Senator too! CALL TO ACTION: Help pass the Red Flag bill that will protect us from guns in the wrong hands, email your state rep!

(more calls to action that need your support here: CALLS TO ACTION: What you can do NOW!) UPDATE: The Massachusetts Police Chief Association has ENDORSED THIS BILL! But that does NOT MEAN YOUR STATE REP WILL SUPPORT IT. They need to hear from you. Please contact your state senator and representative! For Cape and Islands…

Federal Judge decision upholding MA assault weapon ban confirms that assault weapons, in all states, are NOT protected under the 2nd Amendment.

Thank you Attorney General Maura Healey.  Her Federal Court victory on Friday, April 6, 2018, has set a national precedent. We’ve been posting a series on the effort Maura Healey has made on our behalf to enforce the assault weapons ban by banning copycat weapons that had been slightly altered and sold as “compliant,” and…

Boycott the NRA, who to contact and how

The move to boycott the NRA has really taken off. It is one of the ways we can take action to change the control this organization has over our government and the GOP.
As more people contact companies to tell them they will not use their products and services, more are retracting their support for the NRA.
If you want to get involved it’s really simple.