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ELECTION: Know your elected officials’ records and endorsements

Updated information, including printable graphics about the three State Rep races on Cape Cod. Candidates: Tim Whelan votes against legislation that protects our safety and against low-income families, Steve Leibowitz is a better choice. Will Crocker has filed bills and voted against women, families and LGBTQ, Paul Cusack will actually represent us! Randy Hunt votes against low-income families, LGBTQ and

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Our Selfish Loss – December 2017

It is a self-absorbed lament, but the feelings are real and I believe there are many women feeling the same way, especially women of a certain age.We fear this new government will abandon our country’s cultural diversity envied throughout the world; that racism, nationalism, bigotry, misogyny and xenophobia will be the forces that control policy and become our foundation. We worry that …

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