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WAIT! Before you vote! make Roe v. Wade and The ROE Act Election Issues

Make Roe v. Wade a local election issue! If your state is considering legislation to protect abortion-care rights, or if your state has been passing legislation designed to impede access to abortion-care, ask your state candidates what their positions are.

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Facts vs. Myths in today’s abortion rhetoric

The Massachusetts ROE Act has been stalled in the Joint Judicial Committee. The MA Catholic leadership has been urging their congregations to contact legislators to voice opposition, and our legislators have been receiving those messages. We ask each of you to contact your state legislators to insist this bill be moved out of committee and onto the floor of the legislature for a vote. The current legislative session continues, and despite that it’s “election season” we must insist the ROE Act is PASSED now.

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PROTECT SCOTUS! Take these actions, now.

We must do anything and everything possible to stop the senate from putting Trump’s nominee on SCOTUS, the hypocrisy is one thing, but we are now looking at threats to our rights. Threats to ROE v Wade, voting, union organizing, LGBTQ, equal pay, the separation of church and state, corporations buying elections and threats to the ACA – all just a sample of what we have to lose. Here are some actions you can take in honor of RGB – don’t just do these once, do them daily!

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UPSP: Take action, use your voice! Here are actions you can take.

Here are actions you can take NOW: Call your Representatives and tell them to save the Postal Service by supporting the Delivering for America Act. This is crucial because the House is expected to vote this week on implementing safeguards for normal service standards as well as the integrity of our elections.  Call your Senators to demand they pass the

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Protesting racial injustice during a pandemic: Should I?

As protests across the country following the murder of George Floyd at the hands of police have increased in size and number, many of us are faced with the pull to protest despite the recommendations that we should stay at home. During this pandemic, the fear that underlying conditions, age, or contact with people in our lives with compromised immunity

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Anti-choice Movement Rhetoric, ‘infanticide’: The Latent Misogyny of Abortion Discourse

In order to effective advocate for women’s rights to access abortions and healthcare, we we have to understand the opposition.  Unfortunately, the local and national rhetoric has taken hold, even the media is using misleading terms. We will be talking a lot about this rhetoric. We want you to be equipped with the tools to respond to these arguments with

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