Yet another UPDATE! The amendment passed! -Immediate action needed! the MA ROE Act – quick and easy and IMPORTANT.

It didn’t take Charlie Baker long to prove to us that women’s rights are, to him as they are to the GOP and controlling leadership of the Catholic church, only women’s right’s if they are limited in scope.

In addition to returning the police reform act – he claims to want for Massachusetts -to the legislature for further amendments, he is trying to put the amendment that replaced the ROE Act to death.

He has returned the amendment with amendments – which, putting complicated legislature procedure into simple terms, can separate the amendment from the budget. That would mean passage of the amendment won’t be as urgent, and it would become a stand-alone bill, giving it less chances of passage.

Baker’s problem with the amendment is pretty much the issue church leaders and the GOP have been using as an excuse to destroy the bill, despite the age of consent being 16, reducing the age of abortion without parental consent or judicial bypass to 16 and up is wrong.

“These are important changes to protect a women’s reproductive rights and autonomy in the commonwealth, and I support them,” Baker wrote of the language on abortion access and fatal fetal anomalies. “However, I cannot support the other ways that this section expands the availability of late-term abortions and permits minors age 16 and 17 to get an abortion without the consent of a parent or guardian.”

PLEASE CONTACT YOUR STATE LEGISLATORS NOW. Tell them not to let any changes through, not to support any changes. The opposition is rising up and speaking out. We know the Catholic Churches are pushing their parishiners to contact their legislators also. Find your legislators here. Send them a message telling them to ingnore Baker’s changes!

We must now go back to contacting our LEGISLATORS to insist that the amendment, which was ALREADY a compromise for the ROE Act – remain intact as voted and that no more changes are made. We must continue to prove that Massachusetts SUPPORTS WOMEN’S RIGHTS and respects their decisions.

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The vote was 33-7:

Language codifying and expanding abortion access rights in Massachusetts is virtually guaranteed to land on Gov. Charlie Baker’s desk after the Senate voted 33-7 to add the major policy changes into its fiscal year 2021 budget.

All four Republican senators — Bruce Tarr, Ryan Fattman, Patrick O’Connor and Dean Tran — voted against the amendment, as did Democrats Michael Rush, Walter Timilty and John Velis.

Mass. Senate Approves Abortion Access Amendment, 33-7 -WBUR, 11/18/2020

The House voted and passed the amendment that gives us a version of the ROE Act during their budget debate. Find out how your House Rep voted here.

Now we need you to use your voice to contact your State Senator.

The 2020 elections here in Massachusetts demonstrated that voters in the Commonwealth have made their voices heard: they rejected a misogynistic agenda in the White house and overwhelmingly supported champions of the ROE Act here in Massachusetts.

The MA Senate is now debating their budget. Key components of the ROE Act have been included in of the Senate budget. While not all of the ROE Act is in the amendment, make no mistake: this will expand equitable access to abortion care and is an important step towards reproductive freedoms in MA.

Please send a quick email to your MA State Senator, find their contact here, or use this form and edit the message here.

Please include these important points:

  • Amendment #180 lowers barriers to abortion that inhibit young people, people of color, and low-income people from receiving the care they need
  • Amendment #180 tackles medically unnecessary restrictions to abortion care that impact young people and people later in pregnancy. 
  • The quality of the reproductive care that a person gets should not be dependent on their income or zip code.
  • Vote yes on Amendment #180.

Post on social media using the hashtag #ROEAct.

This is how we will protect women’s rights here in MA.

We need you to use your voices, the opposition is determined, loud, and strong!

Let’s get this done!

We need your voice now more than ever.

Thank you.

Send that email.
Do it in memory of Ruth.
We vow to continue to fight until woman’s healthcare access is no longer regulated by law.
We need your voice to power that fight.


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