Thank you! Now onto the Senate – URGENT! Immediate action needed re: the ROE Act – quick and easy and IMPORTANT.

We did it!

Watch for the recorded vote to see how your state rep voted.

Thanks to the tireless efforts of supporters like you, the House is expected to vote in the next few days on a version of the ROE Act during their budget debate.

This is a critical moment in our efforts to remove barriers to abortion care in Massachusetts.

Will you use your voice – now – by sending an email to ask your state Representative to vote for this budget amendment?  We have included a template below to send via your own email – find your State Rep here.  Or, you can use this easy form that will send an email to your state rep for you – you can edit the email included in the form.

The ROE Act was never voted out of the Joint Judicial Committee and it is not expected to be brought to the legislature before the end of this session.

But we now have an amendment that will be brought to the floor during the budget debate. While the proposal that is coming before the legislature doesn’t have everything we wanted that was in the ROE Act – it contains essential provisions that will improve access to reproductive health care for pregnant people across the state.

This important step forward comes at a time when the U.S. Supreme Court holds an anti-abortion majority and politicians in other states have accelerated their attacks on reproductive health care. 

Please email your legislator now to urge them to vote for this amendment and to vote down any efforts to weaken it. Do it in memory of Ruth Bader Ginsburg who fought for us all.

If you get a response let us know in comments below or by sending an email to We need your voice now more than ever.

Thank you.

(We will be asking for your help again – if this passes the House, it still has to pass the Senate next week, and then Governor Baker will need to sign it. Stay tuned!)

Template for email to State Rep:  

Subject: Support Amendment #759 — Improved Access to Healthcare  

Dear _____,

As your constituent, I urge you to vote for Amendment #759, filed by Rep. Cronin, which would remove medically unnecessary barriers to abortion care. Voters have made clear that reproductive health care matters, and with abortion and other health care under threat from an anti-abortion Supreme Court, it’s time for Massachusetts to act.

[Insert Personal Message]

This amendment contains versions of important provisions in the ROE Act that would improve access and put safeguards in place for young people, women, and families.
Thank you.

Send that email.
Do it in memory of Ruth.
We vow to continue to fight until woman’s healthcare access is no longer regulated by law.
We need your voice to power that fight.


(If you see errors or omissions please contact

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