A thank you note, to you, from us

This was sent in our newsletter Saturday night.

To the wonderful women and men who support and stand with Cape Cod Women for Change, and other Indivisible groups in our network;

Thank you for all you’ve done during the past five years, including four of the darkest years many of us have ever experienced.

As organizers, we spend so much time worrying that a call to action won’t be answered, that people won’t show up to a rally, or that (back when we did them in person) no one will come to an event.

You have answered the call, locally, and from far away.

We can depend on you, we can rely on you, and we appreciate you.

You have made us not just a local group, but a group with a following state-wide and nationally. We are grateful for that. We have become a community.

Today, as this election was called, we were rushing out to meet some of our local supporters for our “Protect the Results” rolling protest caravan. 

Standing in the parking lot we adjusted our signs and taped American flags to our cars as the event moved from a protest rally to an exuberant celebration. Some of us seemed to be led off the route for a few minutes, but we all came together in the end. We honked our horns and people along the route honked back.

Those of us on the leadership team who were present, could not think of any other place we’d rather be.

As if to remind us this race, nationally, was close, a few of us experienced angry Trump supporters attempting intimidation on the highway, but they couldn’t dampen that sense that we are heading towards a better place and time in our lives.

Yes, the opposition is still out there. They are feeling like we did four years ago. They will continue to fight progress, but we have learned that working together we can overcome many of their obstacles.

The Biden Harris administration will face a solid blockade in the Senate, cabinet appointments will be challenged and bills will be blocked, but that can’t stop this new administration from beginning to undo Trump’s far-right and repressive policies and reinstating the policies he removed. We will finally have an administration who will listen to scientists. We will have an administration who will acknowledge that we are in the midst of a pandemic and will help us move towards control of this virus and rebuild the broken economy its left in its wake.

In 2022 we will have another opportunity to take back the Senate. And two races in GA coming up quickly in January. And actions to protect Biden’s administration.

But we will talk about this later.

For now, take it all in.

Dance, tweet, post, cry, laugh, and relax.

Savor it. Enjoy it.

You used your voices and you made a difference.

We noticed and we appreciate you.

Thank you!

Cape Cod Women for Change leadership group

We chose the right path.

(If you see errors or omissions please contact CapeCodWomenforChange@gmail.com)

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