CONGRATULATIONS to two of our three endorsed candidates!

Although Josh Mason didn’t get the numbers we hoped for, the other two candidates we endorsed will be sworn in as state legislators representing us on Beacon Hill.

Josh worked hard and ran a great campaign. His message of inclusivity demonstrates what is missing from his opponent’s legislative agenda. It is so important that his opponent never be unopposed and that we continue to share his opponent’s votes. Josh would have been a more representative legislator. Thank you Josh for fighting so hard!

Julian Cyr ran unopposed and that’s just fine with us! He has supported every piece of legislation we support, and has signed on to cosponsor each bill. Here is our endorsement. Congratulations Senator Cyr!

And we are thrilled that Kip Diggs beat, handily, a two-term incumbent who had voted against most of the bills we support. Kip will be a fresh new face who will support our legislation and hopefully will cosponsor them as well. Here is our endorsement for Kip Diggs. Congratulations Massachusetts State Representative-Elect Kip Diggs!!

From a story in today’s Cape Cod Times:

In a historic win, political newcomer Kip Diggs unseated two-term Republican incumbent William Crocker on Tuesday in the race for state representative in the 2nd Barnstable District.

“I’m humbled. I’m happy. I’m focused,” said Diggs, who said he is the first African-American legislator to represent Cape Cod on Beacon Hill.

The 2nd Barnstable district comprises 10 precincts in Barnstable and two in Yarmouth. Diggs, a Democrat, received 11,822 votes to Crocker’s 9,951. Crocker took Yarmouth by only 88 votes, not enough to overcome the almost 2,000-vote advantage Diggs built in Barnstable. The race offered voters the choice between supporting the status quo or opting for change.

“People talked by voting. They want a difference. They want a change. I respect that and I honor that,” Diggs said Wednesday.

Kip Diggs unseats William Crocker in 2nd Barnstable District – Cape Cod Times, 11/4/2020

We look forward to continuing to work with Senator Cyr, and to begin working with Kip Diggs!

Congratulations gentlemen!

And congratulations to Sheila Lyons and Mark Forest, the VOTE BLUE FOR TWO County Commissioner team who defeated Ron Beaty!

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