MA Residents your action on the ROE Act is needed, NOW.


Everything you need is here.  Please share this with anyone who might help!

It’s time to Pass the ROE Act! There are only 42 days for the Massachusetts ROE Act to be passed out of the Committee and onto the floor for a vote!

Meanwhile, at the national level, the Supreme Court decision on June Medical v. Russo will be released any day, possibly ending abortion access in many states.  We must secure reproductive rights here in the Commonwealth, so please take action today!

The ROE Act Ad-Hoc team has been busy spreading the word and developing ways for groups and members across the state to participate.

Our goals are:

(1) Let people know the ROE Act exists, and that we have very little time left to pass it.

(2) Provide some overview of the process – the ROE Act was introduced in January 2019 – it has been 17 months of advocacy to date.

(3) Engage people with the process. Encourage them to call and write to their legislators and intentionally reach out to friends to make them aware of the ROE Act.

Here is what we have been working on:

“Psst! Pass the ROE Act! Pass It On!” Our first video launch is happening Saturday at 9 AM! Thank you to everyone who has sent in clips. The first video will be released on Facebook and at . Please help launch the video by sharing it widely on Saturday morning! Additional clips will be coming soon!

Red Cloaks Radio has a podcast! If you would be interested in being part of a podcast recording, the podcast will continue through July 31, 2020, or until the legislature takes action on the ROE Act. You can check out the first podcast of Red Cloaks Radio here and please share:

And let’s all do what Indivisibles do best: pressure our elected officials! Please write to the Joint Judiciary Committee members as well as your own elected officials, asking them to demand the Committee and the House Speaker, bring this bill to the floor as it is written. You can use a sample letter and record your action, a downloadable copy here.

Sample letter to Support the ROE Act

Provided by the Boston Red Cloaks and Indivisible Mass Coalition

Dear [ Representative/Senator/Chair ….]

 As COVID-19 spreads across the country, legislators in many states are using the virus as an excuse to declare abortion non-essential and thus prohibited. The Supreme Court is currently hearing a case that may result in the end of accessible abortion in Louisiana and other states.

In most instances, Massachusetts recognizes that abortion is essential health care for people who choose it.  However, barriers still exist which disproportionately affect people of color, people with limited means, limited insurance or information, and those who are desperate for relief from abuse.

For example, the Massachusetts 24 week abortion ban prohibits pregnant patients who are diagnosed with a fate fetal anomaly – usually not detectable before 24 weeks – from terminating the pregnancy here.  Flying across the country to receive care is distressing enough under normal circumstances, and is absolutely unthinkable during a pandemic.  And for most, the costs involved are insurmountable.

Similarly, requiring teenagers to navigate the judicial system under normal circumstances is daunting, but during a pandemic next to impossible. This needlessly delays their care. We must recognize that abortion is health care, and when needed, time is of the essence.

[Then choose one of the following options]

[If you are writing to Committee Chairs] I urge you to pass this bill as it is written out of the Joint Judiciary Committee so that it may proceed to the floor for a vote.

[If you are writing to a co-sponsor like Rep. Peake or Sen. Cyr] I urge you to speak to Committee members and the House Speaker to allow this bill as it is written to proceed to the floor for a vote.

[If you are writing to a legislator who is opposed or noncommittal] I urge you to support this bill as it is written and the right to safe and legal abortion for all in MA.

Sincerely,[your name, town]

Committee Chairs: Rep. Claire Cronin, Room 136, and Sen. James Eldridge, Room 511-C, both at 24 Beacon St. Boston, MA  02133.

If you need to check who your legislators are, click HERE.

Please let us know who you contacted HERE. 

Please take action – let’s get this done!

It’s time.


abortion rights


We still have the chance to bring our state laws up to date – to make them medically accurate and factually correct – and to make abortion safe and accessible to all.

(If you see errors or omissions please contact

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  • Has anyone compiled a list of where individual reps stand on the bill? Will contact those I know but would help to know their positions. Thanks.

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