CAPE CODDERS: Protest without leavng your car, attend a protest caravan Tuesday


A Peaceful Procession in Memory of George Floyd (1973-2020)


5:00 PM: Assemble at the Nathaniel H. Wixon School (901 Rt. 134 Dennis)

5:30 PM:  Proceed by auto caravan on Rt. 134S enter ramp to Rt. 6, travel at 25mph to Hyannis.

6:00 PM: Turn off at Exit 6, and turn right/north on Rt. 132 for 1/10 mile. Turn into Cape Cod Community College (2240 Iyannough Rd., West Barnstable). Follow the loop around the campus and return to 132S, back to Rt. 6 traveling 25 MPH toward Dennis.

Affix a black cloth to the driver’s side of your vehicle, in solidarity with ALL black lives.

Practice social distancing, bring a mask.

From: Wicked Local:

“This event is intended to memorialize the life of George Floyd and express opposition to the centuries-long and systemic injustices, oppression and violence directed against people of color and epitomized in the on-screen assault and murder of Mr. Floyd on May 25, 2020,” a statement from the organizers says.

Attendees are invited to gather at the Nathaniel Wixon School, 901 Rt. 134, South Dennis at 5 p.m. The caravan procession will depart at 5:30 p.m., assisted by Dennis police, who have volunteered to ensure safe passage of vehicles proceeding enroute to Route 6.

Participants are urged to be courteous in merging with Route 6 traffic. With vehicle flashers on, the caravan will travel west on Route 6, exiting at Exit 6, and heading north on Route 132; Barnstable police have similarly volunteered to assist safe passage along Route 132.

The caravan will turn into the Cape Cod Community College campus, follow the campus loop, exiting onto Route 132S and traveling back to Route 6 and Dennis. John Reed, president of the NAACP Cape Cod chapter and the community college’s director of security will be on hand to oversee passage through the campus.

“Participants are encouraged to affix a black cloth and a memorial sign to the driver’s side of their vehicles. All traffic and safety rules and regulations must be strictly observed, including moving onto the soft shoulder to allow passage of emergency vehicles if indicated. While no physical person-to-person gathering is planned as part of this event, event organizers exhort all participants to practice social distancing and bring face masks,” the statement says.


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