IMPEACHMENT – CONTACT SENATORS: Regardless of reporting, we must let them know we demand witnesses and evidence!

Regardless of what media reports about who is voting how, we MUST make our voices heard one last time before tomorrow’s expected vote. Please take a minute and make a few calls! Please ask friends and family to do the same. Senators need to know that the polls are real, the the majority of Americans want witnesses called during the Senate Impeachment Trial, but rather than call witnesses, they are trying to rush the trial, wanting it to be finished “in time for the Super Bowl!”

Contact your senators:


From Indivisible:

UPDATE: Over the weekend, details from former National Security Advisor John Bolton’s unpublished manuscript leaked. They further outline what we already know: Donald Trump held up aid to Ukraine and covered it up. Under the rules McConnell provided, there are no guarantees that witnesses, including Bolton, will be called to testify or the admission of newly uncovered documents that lay out Trump’s crimes. Luckily, Democrats have the opportunity to present motions to amend the rules and call for a fair trial. We need to make our voices heard NOW. Call your Senators and demand they stand for a fair and open impeachment trial with witnesses and key documents.



Let senators know that we won’t forget and we will work hard to defeat any senators who vote against witnesses and making this trial into a sham that will protect Trump.

Shareable list of Senators phone numbers:



(If you see errors or omissions please contact

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