Call to Action! IMPEACHMENT, What you can do now

From the national Indivisible group:

Things You Can Do On Impeachment Right Now

There are a few things you can do to ramp up the pressure on your SENATOR to act.

Find your Senator’s contact information here.

There are well-organized groups calling their members of congress telling them NOT to support impeachment! We must counter those messages.

  • Call your two senators and urge them to publicly support a fair and open impeachment trial in the Senate. Again, if you have a Democratic senator, tell them to speak out publicly on the basics of what a fair and open trial looks like, and thank them. (Dem Senators need to hear from us because they are hearing from an organized opposition!)  If you have a Republican, remind them that the American people deserve to hear the facts of the case and that you’re calling on them to support a fair and open trial. Here’s a script to help with your calls.
  • Take control of the narrative, get your member of Congress’ attention, and urge others to get involved by writing a letter to the editor on impeachment. Look, we know letters to the editor aren’t the flashiest tool, but they work. Your member of Congress will see a letter in a hometown newspaper mentioning them or on an issue they’re tracking, and it goes a long way in taking control of the narrative on impeachment. It might also be the difference between your neighbor deciding to pick up the phone and call their representative or senators or not. Submit one right now using our tool here. 
  • Plan or find an district office event or town hall near you on your home turf at Partners like Indivisible, MoveOn, Stand Up America, Public Citizen, SEIU, By The People and more are coming together to ensure that every member of Congress hears loud and clear from their constituents over each and every congressional recess that they’re paying attention and to hold Trump accountable, we must impeach now. We’ve got a toolkit to help plan a simple district office visit here.




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