IMPORTANT: Location change for Hyannis Impeachment Rally Tuesday, December 17


Dear Patriots,

We are ON for our rally tomorrow, Tuesday, from 1-2PM, rain or rain! But we have some late-breaking news relative to our rally location.

NEW VENUE: Due to the large crowd expected, we are relocating our rally location to 545 Iyannough Road/Rt. 132. This is a flat green fenced-in town-owned property at the junction of Rt. 132 and Falmouth Road/Rt. 28, at the Hyannis Rotary. Find parking that doesn’t involve your crossing the rotary, Rt. 28, or Rt. 132. Best bet might be to look west of the venue site off Rt. 28/Falmouth Road and walking through nearby mall parking lots.  Please do not park in the church lot adjacent to the protest location.


Getting There: Remember to carpool and leave plenty of time to account for traffic and finding parking.

Assembly Areas: Assemble in the grassy, fenced in where Rt. 132 (Iyannough Road) and Rt. 28 (Falmouth Road) converge at the rotary. Do NOT assemble next to the Nantucket Sound store.

What to Wear: Temps will be in the 30’s with rain expected. We want you to stay warm and toasty, so wear waterproof footwear with insulated socks (no sneakers), layer clothes under a waterproof jacket, wear pants that repel or resist water, and cover your head with a waterproof hood. If you get cold and experience chills or imbalance, etc., let one of the marshals (people with bright orange armbands) or someone else know immediately.

What to Bring: Protest signs!

Be law-abiding – Respect private property and local police.

*Remain respectful – Do not engage verbally or otherwise with counter-protesters. If asked for comment by news media reps, remember this is a solemn and historic event and choose words that will reflect well on our organizations and mission.

Photos & Videos for Social media Please take photos, video, live Tweet/Facebook, and tag elected officials, news orgs, etc. several times during the event. Our hashtag is #NotAboveTheLaw. Photos can be sent to @Indivisible and @MoveOn, and you can use the same event hashtag on Instagram and Facebook. Identify your location as Hyannis, Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

After the Event – Please leave no trace (rubbish barrels will be provided, so look for them). Try to patronize mall shops and eateries while you’re in town.

We will be in touch with you following the event to let you know ways you can help ensure Donald Trump is out of office, one way or another, in 2020!

Yours in democracy,

Fran S. and Marcia G.

On behalf of the Impeachment Rally Planning Team

*Event organizers are committed to nonviolent, peaceful action.
All participants must agree to act lawfully and seek to de-escalate any potential confrontation with those who disagree with our values.



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