Read it the ‘quick’ way, or read the full historic report: THE TRUMP-UKRAINE IMPEACHMENT INQUIRY REPORT

Tuesday night, December 3, Rachel Maddow gave us a lesson on how to read this report if you don’t have time to read the full report. Use Maddow’s Cliff notes version to see the important issues used to build a case for impeaching Donald J. Trump.

Below is a website version of her suggestion, taken from the online copy of the report, that lays out each step with links to details.  If you just read the titles of sections, you get a sense of what they’ve got here.

This NBC news article lays out the articles of impeachment that would likely come from this report.  If you want to read the entire report,  you can download it  or read the full online version.

And don’t forget, once the Judiciary Committee finishes it’s work and develops articles of impeachment, those articles go to the floor for a vote and WE JOIN THE NATIONWIDE EFFORT TO USE OUR VOICES AND RALLY FOR IMPEACHMENT AND REMOVAL! Details here: We are joining groups across the nation to rally for impeachment, ‘Impeach and Remove – Nobody is Above the Law’

I. The President’s Misconduct: The President Conditioned a White House Meeting and Military Aid to Ukraine on a Public Announcement of Investigations Beneficial to his Reelection Campaign

The President’s Obstruction of the House of Representatives’ Impeachment Inquiry: The President Obstructed the Impeachment Inquiry by Instructing Witnesses and Agencies to Ignore Subpoenas for Documents and Testimony


From the conclusion of the report where the report suggests threatening the whistleblower amounts to intimidating a witness.
Quotes from Republican Senators about protecting the whistleblower’s identity is so important:
For example, Senator Charles Grassley stated:
This person appears to have followed the whistleblower protection laws and ought to be heard out and protected. We should always work to respect whistleblowers’ requests for confidentiality. Any further media reports on the whistleblower’s identity don’t serve the public interest—even if the conflict sells more papers or attracts clicks.
Senator Richard Burr, the Chair of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, affirmed that he would “never” want the identity of the whistleblower revealed and stated, “We protect whistleblowers. We protect witnesses in our committee.”
Senator Mitt Romney also called for support of the whistleblower’s rights, stating: “[W]histleblowers should be entitled to confidentiality and privacy, because they play a vital function in our democracy.”



We are joining groups across the nation to rally for impeachment, ‘Impeach and Remove – Nobody is Above the Law’

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