Join us for a trip to Lobby Day for the ROE Act! We still have a few seats available on the bus.

We have booked enough seats and have secured a bus from Cape Cod and Plymouth! Now we need to fill it:

Join us Thursday, November 14:

Lobby Day to Support the ROE Act

Bus from Cape Cape Cod and Plymouth
to the event at the State House on Beacon Hill in Boston.

Bus fee is just $5 thank you to the ROE Coalition who are sponsoring this trip for us. Fees are non-refundable. We still have seats and want to fill the bus!


The bus will pick up in the following locations:

On Cape Cod

  • Exit 10 – Park and Ride – 8:30 AM
  • Exit 6 -Park and Ride – 8:45 AM
  • Sagamore – Park and Ride – 9:00 AM


  • Exit 5 – Park and Ride – 9:20 AM

The program begins at 11, we will meet at the SEIU office on West St and make a short March to the State House. The bus will pick us up for return at the State House at 3 PM

Join us to pass the ROE Act and protect abortion access in Massachusetts!

Book your $5 seat on the bus!

In many states, access to abortion is hanging on by a thread. Donald Trump and politicians like him are stopping at nothing to ban abortion. SCOTUS has agreed to take up a case out of Louisiana where a law was passed that restricts abortion access and was overturned by a Fed Court. The state asked SCOTUS to hear the case, and many predict that the law will be upheld 5-4.  See story here.

But in Massachusetts, we are pushing forward. We have been working hard alongside elected leaders who are championing the ROE Act—a bold piece of state legislation that not only re-affirms the right to safe, legal abortion, but guarantees it is accessible and affordable to all people.

We can do this – but we need you with us. Join us on November 14 and urge your lawmakers to pass the ROE Act.

We will meet at the 32BJ SEIU Meeting Hall at 11 AM to hear from advocates and participate in a brief advocacy training before heading over to the State House to meet with lawmakers. See registration page for accessibility information.

Massachusetts has long been a leader in health care access and reproductive rights. Let’s work together to make this a decisive moment for reproductive freedom in the commonwealth and pass the ROE Act!

Will you join us in protecting our reproductive rights?


More about why the ROE Act in Massachusetts:

We know that this reproductive right already has been essentially denied in many states across the nation, and many mistakenly believe that here, in MA, we are lucky not to be affected by these restrictions. But did you know, that even here, our reproductive rights are at risk? If Roe v. Wade were to fall, MA would revert to laws written in 1974, literally taking us back in time? These more restrictive laws use medically inaccurate and inflammatory language, and impose restrictions such as waiting periods and onerous reporting requirements for doctors.

The ROE Act would prepare us in the event Roe v. Wade is repealed by changing this outdated language and expanding the abortion rights of women in MA, solidifying rights here in the event the Supreme Court tries to repeal them. The ROE Act would stop the discriminatory practice of barring those who use public funds from obtaining abortion, would protect young people seeking abortion, and compassionately allow abortion after 24 weeks in the cases of fatal fetal anomalies. You can read more about the ROE Act here.


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