SEATS STILL AVAILABLE! Learn more about Barnstable County Govt, prepare for the 2020 county election.

As Ron Beaty embarrassed us across the country, we wondered how and why he won his election.

We learned that many of us on Cape Cod just don’t understand what County Government is and what it’s function is on the Cape.  Beaty’s seat and a few of the assembly seats are up for reelection as part of the busy 2020 election season.

Learn more about County Government Friday and then share that knowledge with others in the community so we are prepared for the next election. Seats are still open.

Why Does County Government Exist in Barnstable County?
Join our sisters at Cape Women’s Coalition at this Friday’s Roundtable to find out!
Friday, June 28
8:00-10:00 AM
The Optimist Cafe
134 Massachusetts 6A

Yarmouth Port, MA

Space is limited so reserve your seat now!


At Friday’s Roundtable forum, County Administrator Jack Yunits and Brewster delegate to the Assembly of Delegates Mary Chaffee will discuss how the Barnstable County government works. Topics include:

  • What are the major issues facing county government (e.g., climate change, charter review)?
  • What services does the county provide that support Cape Cod towns?
  • What do towns give and receive in return?
  • Why does this matter to each of us?

Barnstable County–one of Plymouth Colony’s three original counties–was established in 1685. The county is nearly coextensive with the peninsula known as Cape Cod and provides services to the 15 towns within its borders. When county governments began to disappear in Massachusetts, the Barnstable County Home Rule Charter of 1988 transformed our County into a unique, broad-based coordinator of regional services to address challenges common to our 15 towns.  Today, only the southeastern third of the state has functioning county governments, Barnstable being one of them. Read more about your county government here.

Click here to reserve your spot!

Sources via Lower Cape Indivisible:
Cape Women’s Coalition




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