Join us! MA ROE Act hearing June 17 – UPDATE

UPDATE- We have a couple cars of people heading up. Want to join us?  If you are planning to go on your own, let us know so we can find you, and WEAR PINK.  The opposition is showing up by the busload !(Who funds that?)  Religious organizations and the MA GOP are opposing this bill and working hard to limit abortion-care access!   Details about the hearing below.

Message from the MA ROE Coalition:

The hearing will take place in the Gardner Auditorium in the Massachusetts State House, beginning at 1 PM and likely continuing throughout the day and possibly into the evening. It is crucial that we show up in full force early in the day and throughout the duration of the hearing.

Can you RSVP for a volunteer shift or two (or three!) so we can ensure a strong presence throughout the hearing?

RSVP to the Coalition  then send us an email to let us know you are going as this form does NOT come to us. Tell us if you want to carpool, drive or ride.

Original post – details about hearing etc.

Join us and others from across the state, Monday, June 17, to support abortion access in MA.

The MA ROE Act is designed to expand abortion-care access in MA by eliminating archaic laws that are still on the books and adding language that allows women to make some of the most difficult decisions on their own, privately, with their doctors. Many of these rights are still denied here in Massachusetts.

For more details about the ROE Act:  See post about the ROE Act here.  View/download ROE fact sheet. View/ download ROE_Info-graphicHow to submit Testimony in advance, whether or not you are attending.


Yesterday, the MA Joint Judiciary Committee posted a scheduled hearing for the Roe Act for June 17 from 1-4pm. Details, sign up for shifts etc., below.

We need people to fill seats, you can sign up for testimony or simply show up to show support for abortion-care access in MA. You can also submit written testimony, we are working on a post with all the details you need to submit testimony. That post will be up and emailed within the next couple of days.

The opposition will be at this hearing in force, the Christian anti-choice groups, the state Republicans, the state Catholic organizations and leadership (who are actively reaching out and into their individual church parishes) are planning a rally at the statehouse that morning and intend to try to fill seats in the hearing room.

We have to show our legislators, the press, the state and our country (yes, the progress of the ROE Act being watched nationally!) that support for abortion access is stronger than opposition in Massachusetts!

If you want to come and are unable to stay for the full hearing, you can sign up for a shift with MA ROE Coalition. Sign up for a shift here. The shifts start at 12 noon, but we are concerned that the opposition is planning to be there earlier, so if you can come at 10 or 11, let us,  CCWfC, know via email.


There is not enough time to arrange a bus, but we can try to coordinate carpools with anyone who wants to come from the Cape and Plymouth areas. Send us an email if you want to ride or drive via carpool.

This bill has become even more urgent now as we witness the cruel and insidious ways the GOP patriarchy and religious right are chipping away at abortion access state-by-state, across the country.  Roe vs. Wade is under attack and we must take whatever action is needed to support and advocate for the passage of the MA ROE Act to protect abortion-care access here in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts!




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