Call to Action: MA Healthy Youth Act, sex education bill, written testimony needed


You can help move this bill out of committee.

Send an email supporting the Healthy Youth Act this weekend.

The Massachusetts Healthy Youth Act, S.263 / H.410, is important state legislation designed to standardize sex education curriculum for school that have a sex ed program. This bill does not require schools have a sex ed program, it would ensure that if a school does have one, the curriculum is inclusive, medically accurate and will address current issues impacting our students.

There is a hearing with the Joint Committee on Education that includes the Healthy Youth Act scheduled for Monday, June 3, 2019

We have submitted a letter via email as testimony supporting this bill, and you can too, it helps to have your input in support.

Let us know if you send in testimony by leaving a comment at the bottom of this post.

Who to send the testimony to:

To: <>, <>
Cc: <>

What to say:

Use the resources below, or this script:

Dear Education Committee Members;

Please include this as written testimony for the record for your hearing on June 3, relative to The Healthy Youth Act, S.263 / H.410.

I am writing you in support of the The Healthy Youth Act, S.263 / H.410.  When sex education is taught in our schools, there must be standards based on medical facts, research, and it must include all students.  This act will ensure that all students are learning about issues that face them in today’s world.

There is a rise in teen STD’s in this state, especially among LGBTQ teens, and funding for federal programs to prevent teen pregnancies have been cut.  Now, more than ever, we must give our students in MA the tools they need to make healthy decisions.




The bill stipulates that public schools teach sexual education in a medically-accurate, LGBTQ-inclusive way.  This is helpful infographic put together by Planned Parenthood that describes this bill and why it is so important.

Full text of bill here.

Planned Parenthood Advocacy has great information about why we need this bill, including this clip:

An Act Relative to Healthy Youth ensures that a Massachusetts school electing to teach sex education uses a curriculum that’s medically accurate, age-appropriate, and truly comprehensive.  A comprehensive sex education curriculum teaches students about the benefits of abstinence and delaying sex, building healthy relationships, consent, gender identity and sexual orientation, effective contraceptive use, and the prevention of pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections (STIs).   read more here

pp info graphic healthy youth.


Give them the tools they need to make healthy choices.

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