Release the full Mueller Report! We are joining a national protest rally, Thursday, JOIN US!

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We are joining a national network of protests on Thursday at 5pm.  There are three protest rallies scheduled on Cape Cod and one on Martha’s Vineyard. Details below.

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Hyannis: Release the *FULL* Mueller Report!

Thursday, April 4 at 5 p.m, at the public green space at the Airport Rotary between rt 28 and 132 –  Hyannis, MA 02601
Judiciary Committee Chair Jerry Nadler has given US AG Barr until midnight April 2, to deliver the Mueller Report to Congress. Barr had no intention of making that deadline. WE MUST TAKE TO THE STREETS! This rally is going to be about signs and visibility.  Please bring a sign if you can.  If you don’t have time to make a sign, don’t let that stop you, we will have a few extras and even some materials to make a quick sign. We must show everyone that not producing the Mueller report is not acceptable to the citizens of this country! SPREAD THE WORD! BRING A FRIEND!

Directions, more information and sign up to attend

Indivisible Outer Cape says Nobody’s Above the Law

Thursday, April 4 at 5 p.m., Provincetown Town Hall, Provincetown, MA 02657
The Mueller investigation is finished. As of now, we only have a summary from AG Barr, the man who was appointed by the president for just this purpose: to slant any negative findings and obscure the wrong-doings of the president. As of now, we are waiting to see if Barr meets Chairman Nadler’s April 2 deadline to hand over the full report. If he does not, events will be triggered and we will rally on April 4. Stay tuned for further developments and get your signs ready! Bring your signs, your voices and your patriotism!

Directions, more information and sign up to attend

Release the Full Mueller Report!

Thursday, April 4 at 5 p.m., Falmouth Town Green,Falmouth, MA 02540
Rally on the Falmouth Town Green to demand the release of the full Mueller report. Bring signs. Speakers welcome. Bullhorn needed. Spread the word to family and friends. Thanks!

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Martha’s Vineyard: Release the Mueller Report

Thursday, April 4 at 5 p.m., 5 Corners,Vineyard Haven, MA 02568
We the People demand the full Release of the Muller Report! We are gathering as a protest to AG Barr’s refusal to submit an unaltered, unedited, full report to Congress and the public.

Directions, more information and sign up to attend



BREAKING: 4/1/19
We are calling for a National Day of Action on Thursday, April 4
, to demand that Attorney General William Barr #ReleaseTheReport if he fails to meet the deadline set by Congressional leaders of Tuesday, April 2. Barr has offered an alternate timeline for a redacted version of the report—but we deserve the full report and Congressional leaders and the American people expect it now. Find an event near you and RSVP to join the local action.

Nobody is above the law. When Trump attempted to undermine Robert Mueller’s investigations by appointing Matthew Whitaker as acting attorney general, Trump crossed a red line, and we launched over 500 protests nationwide, attended by over 100,000 people.

We stand ready to march again.

Join us!

Find an event near you and sign up to be notified of the next major protest.

 Join us to defend the rule of law, because nobody is above the law—not even the president.

Note: A core principle shared by supporting organizations is a commitment to nonviolent, peaceful actions.  All actions that are sponsored or organized on this page are intended to be nonviolent and peaceful. We expect all participants to act lawfully at all times and to seek to de-escalate any potential confrontation with those that disagree with our values.


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