Call to Action: Contact your MoC – support the Violence Against Women Act!

The US House will be voting on this bill this week, we are hearing Wednesday or Thursday.  There is too much opposition, we need you to ask your Member of Congress to vote for this bill, as presented, regardless of party. Please share this post.

There is no reason for any (MoC) to oppose this bill. Many parts of this bill are already in place as law, but require a regular re-authorization. Re-authorization allows Congress to add language needed to improve the bill or change anything that isn’t working.

Unfortunately many Republicans who say they will support this, want a straight re-authorization that won’t include needed changes and additions.

There is organized opposition to protections in this bill from the NRA who want to make changes that will benefit them and eliminate protections that would restrict gun rights of abusive boyfriends and stalkers, and Republicans are trying to strip protections for Native American Women and remove protections for transgender victims.

We need you to contact your MoC! Some Democrats haven’t committed to support it yet (see graphic at the bottom of this page).

A quick call or email makes a big difference when there is opposition. Leave a message with a staffer or use your MoC’s email form.

Please us know that you contacted your MoC, especially if you get a response!

If you want more information here is a factsheet on the VAWA.

Find your MoC contact information here by entering your zip code.

Your ask:
Please vote to support H.R. 1585, the Violence Against Women Act. You can add some or all of the following information about the bill.

H.R. 1585 provides:

  • Important investments in domestic violence prevention
  • Important protections that ensure all victims and survivors have access to safety and justice
  • A mechanism to hold predators who prey on Native women accountable by providing law enforcement with new tools to protect their communities
  • Protections for survivors in federal public, subsidized, and assisted housing
  • Support for victims and survivors who need assistance rebuilding financially
  • Resources to addresses the needs of under-served communities
  • Improvements for healthcare response

Remind your MoC that women vote and we are paying attention, now, more than ever!



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